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Botox (Botulinum Toxin).. Introduction to BOTOX Treatment for Skin rejuvinationBotox has also been used for the treatment of M... more...

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Welcome to the Radiance Laser Clinic, where Dr. Kittisak and his expert team deliver full services in skin care and laser treatment. At our state-of-the-art laser surgical facility, we offer a wide selection of laser treatments to restore and rejuvenate skin, making our patients youthful and radiant. We also specialize in contouring procedures for better, more beautiful bodies, such as liposuction, and fat and cellulite mesotherapy.

Dr. Kittisak has extensive experience in all areas of skin treatment and body enhancement.  His remarkable track record in medical and dermatological surgery has made him one of the most trusted doctors in Bangkok.

Thanks to our modern technology, it is now possible to have radiant skin even after the age of 50, 60 -- even 70!  Once the stuff of science fiction, lasers have now been turned into weapons against aging, wrinkles, and blemishes.  At the Radiance Clinic, our patients -- both men and women, of all ages -- can depend on us to enhance their natural beauty.  You'll leave looking beautiful... and feeling great!


Nida (Sirida) Chunhacharti
1st Runner-Up Miss Thailand 1998
Senior Executive - Special Project (World Expo 2020)
Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau

Fine Scan & EMAX Lasers ::
I have wanted tightened pores as well as quick and effective results. That’s why he recommended the Fine Scan and EMAX lasers. Only after one treatment, I felt that my skin became healthier and younger.>> READ MORE <<

Maspimol Kullathubsak
Personal Assistant, Retail Business Solution Co., Ltd.

Ionto Facial Treatment and Fine Scan Laser ::
Since I have a treatment from radiance skin clinic for 3 months, I finally have my beautiful skin back. >> READ MORE <<

Chanyanat Kiatruangkamala
Group Brand Manager, Celebrate Wealth Co., Ltd.

EMAX Lasers ::
I finally achieved my clear white fine skin and feel and look natural with less cosmetic. I use EMAX laser that is really a miracle treatment >> READ MORE <<

Suthirak Sarikavanich
Assistant Vice President, UOB (Thailand)

EMAX and Q-Switched Lasers ::
I have been a patient here for approximately a year now and I am very happy with my lighter clear skin from dark spotted from sun damaged. >> READ MORE <<

Nanlika Thanasannont
Software System Analysis, Delphinux Systems Co.,Ltd

Aurora Skin Laser ::
I’m extremely allergy to anything even my own sweat, therefore when I sweat, I’ll develop rashes and really itch. It’s hard not to scratch and often this caused acne, skin irritation as well as vein broke causing red faces >> READ MORE <<

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Question :

Is the consultation Free?

Answer :

You can talk to our highly skilled staffs free on phone or email, but we highly recommended that you should have a session with our doctors for a proper diagnostic. Our website is very informative and provide lots of information you may need to know. We do not recommended your own remedy from reading, but information provides so that you know about the treatment in some certain level and understand what can be expected from the treatment.

Question :

What is a chance of having allergy from Mesothepy?

Answer : All magic medicine is never 100% proof and if you have allergy tested before then please informed our doctors about it. Mesotheraphy extracted from soya bean protein and certainly there are people allergy to soya bean and certain kind of proteins.

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