Tattoo Removal


Permanently reduce or remove your unwanted ink in with a few quick and easy treatments.

The Cynosure PicoSure laser has been considered the gold standard in tattoo removal. This cutting-edge laser creates an intense photothermal impact that not only spares the skin from high photothermal damage. Picosure tattoo removal also provides better color removal with fewer treatments.

All skin types. All tattoo types. No matter how stubborn.

  • Multicolored tattoos, including blues and greens
  • Hard-to-remove black ink
  • Stubborn, previously treated tattoos

How does it work?

A revolutionary rapid-burst of energy lasting just a trillionth of a second targets tattoo color pigment and leaves the surrounding tissue unaffected. This ultra-short pulse causes a change of pressure and unlike previous generations of tattoo removal, which used more power and generated heat, PicoSure uses just a fraction of the energy pulse with PressureWave technology. The fast change in pressure breaks ink into tiny particles which the lymphatic system can eliminate naturally. As the number of individuals with tattoos has increased, so has the need for improved tattoo removal methods. Tattoo removal methods have evolved from potentially harmful treatments that often had painful and sometimes permanent side effects to less harmful methods with good results. Until the introduction of laser tattoo removal, people had resorted to tattoo removal methods such as acid treatments, surgical excision, and dermabrasion.

What we love about it

PicoSure acts 4 times faster than previous generations. While individual results vary, we can reduce 15-20 treatments down to just 4 or 5. The wave technology causes less heat damage and therefore less scarring and it actually improves skin texture along the way as it activates the body’s immune system.

Smaller tattoos can take less than a minute to treat.

What to expect

The treatment time depends on the size of the tattoo but an average treatment lasts 10 minutes. For tattoo removal expect 4-5 treatments at intervals of 6-8 weeks. Results endure. Most patients report minimal discomfort during treatment; many report that the removal is similar in sensation to the tattooing process. A topical anesthetic may be administered to ensure comfort.

How many treatments

4-5 Treatments

Possible side effects

The most common side effects include hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, redness, swelling and itching.
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