Moles 101: Your Comprehensive Guide to Removing Them 

December 17, 2023

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Different people have various things to be insecure about. For some, it could be the slightest imperfection (one that others might not notice), like a mole that’s been bugging them every single time they look into the mirror. If you are also one of those who are constantly annoyed about your mole, this blog might be what you are looking for.  

What is a Mole ?

According to Doctor Kwang, a reputable medical surgeon from Singapore, moles are clinically referred to as “nevi” or “nevus”. They are generally not dangerous and can appear throughout one’s body from our faces to our feet. Some people have a mole from early childhood, and some develop new moles in their teens. As they grow, some new ones emerge, and some may appear lighter over time. The color, size, and shape of the mole varies from person to person, with colors usually ranging between pink, tan, brown, or black. People with lighter hair and skin tone develop moles that are larger in numbers and darker in color. In addition, some people have moles that rise above their skin, while some have smooth flat moles. By the time people mature, it’s common to get around 10 to 40 moles around their bodies. 

There are 3 major types of moles – one that’s harmless, one that’s soon-to-be harmful (clinically referred to as precancerous), and one that’s cancerous (medically known as malignant). If you ever notice that your moles are showing irregular symptoms, such as itching, or changes in size, shape, or color, it’s a good idea to contact a credible mole removal skin clinic. When the dermatologist suspects certain issues with your skin, that’s when mole removal is suggested. 

How are Moles Removed ?

There are various ways people can remove their moles. Some may be less effective than others, making them outdated. Let us discuss a few types of mole removal procedures.

  1. Freezing. The mole is removed by applying liquid nitrogen to the spot, giving immediate results. 
  2. Burning. The upper layer of the mole is burned off using an electric current.
  3. Surgical Shaving. A surgical blade is used to shave off the mole. It is less precise and the mole may reappear.
  4. Surgical Excision. This procedure removes a large piece of skin (the mole and the roots are included) to ensure that it is not going to reappear. The downside is that it will leave a permanent scar. Therefore, it’s only commonly performed on moles that are suspected to be cancerous. 
  5. Laser Removal. One of the most common mole removal methods nowadays for non-cancerous moles. It is more accurate and precise, meaning that this technique offers the highest chance that the mole will be completely removed without burning or injuring other parts of the skin. Moreover, it is also useful for hard-to-reach places like the nose or ears. However, no specimen can be obtained from the process, so a biopsy cannot be performed after. 

Out of all the various options for mole removal, some people still have this question…

Can I Remove the Mole by Myself ?

We would not recommend patients remove their moles with mole removal products available in the market today. Here’s why. First of all, that mole could be cancerous, and you wouldn’t know for sure unless it is biopsied. Second, you are not fully aware of the proper way to remove it, increasing the chances of it coming back. Third, you are at risk for permanent scarring. Fourth, you are performing a surgical procedure in a non-sterile site, increasing the chances of infection.

If Moles are Harmless…Why Remove it ?

There are 2 main explanations as to why someone would want their moles removed – either for cosmetic purposes or solely for medical reasons. On the one hand, moles can make a person insecure about themselves. In fact, they might not even want to put on a sleeveless outfit because of the moles on their shoulder, or some may lack the confidence to look someone in the eye due to their insecurities. No matter what the problems are, we do not suggest anyone attempt removing their moles with home remedies. Visiting a mole removal skin clinic is much safer.

Apart from beauty reasons, others are obligated to remove their moles from the unforeseen dangers. Atypical moles may develop into cancerous cells if not properly removed. At the mole removal skin clinic, if the dermatologist notices the possibility of cancerous moles, they will suggest the patient remove the mole with the appropriate methods and run a biopsy test to check whether the mole is cancerous.  

Is mole removal painful ?

Does the procedure for mole removal cause pain ?

A common question we get all the time is whether it hurts to get the mole removed. According to the Cleveland Clinic, the procedure is described as “fast” and “pain-free”, as long as the treated area is numb. It’s usually an outpatient procedure that can be done within a few hours. Depending on the size and method of mole removal, the dermatologist will either apply the numbing cream to the area topically, or they may inject the incision area with anesthetics. Shortly after the mole is removed, there may be a slight sting or burning sensation on the spot, but it should go away within a short period of time. It takes about 2 to 3 weeks for the skin to heal from mole removal.

How much does mole removal cost ?

Many individuals choose to enhance their beauty by removing their moles with the laser technique as it is quick and convenient. The cost of this non-invasive procedure in Thailand ranges between 22 to 2000 US Dollars, depending on the number of moles, size, and other additional procedures required. 

If you happen to have any plans to remove your mole, always remember to consult with a professional dermatologist to find out the best solution to your skin problems as it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your personal beauty.


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