Should I Remove my Mole?

February 9, 2024

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Here’s what we have for a general overview of mole removal, visit our blog “Moles 101: Your Comprehensive Guide to Removal”. If you have already read our post on the fundamentals of moles, you might be on the next part of your journey, deciding whether to get yours removed. 

On this blog, we’ve gathered some useful information to ensure you are making the most informed decision for your mole removal. First, we’ll provide an overview of regular moles and irregular moles, then weigh the pros and cons of removing them. And if you’re ever curious about the superstitious beliefs attached to your moles, this blog is for you. We will be bringing some insights on Chinese face reading about the location of moles on people’s faces as well. 

At this point, you might be wondering if your moles are regular or irregular. Here’s a little summary of how you can observe that suspicious mole.

CharacteristicRegular MolesIrregular Moles
ShapeRound, flat, slightly raisedIrregular shape or edges
SizeUsually <5 mm wideCan be >6mm
ColorPink, tan, brown Varied shades, darker, black, uneven
BorderWell-defined, smooth, and uniformNot well-defined, irregular, ragged edge
Surface TextureSmoothPebbled texture
Cancer RiskUsually non-cancerousCan turn into cancer, higher risk of melanoma

In the United Kingdom, the case of melanoma (when the mole is cancerous) has increased by twice as much over the past two decades. Statistics have shown that people usually delay their visit to the doctor because of their friends, family, and their lack of knowledge and understanding. If you are suspecting an unusual mole on your skin, do not ignore it. You should contact a dermatologist for a thorough diagnostic. They may need to perform a biopsy for further investigation and make sure that the mole is safe.

However, if you have a mole that you dislike (and it’s bugging you like crazy), consider visiting a skin clinic specialized in mole removal for a consultation. If you’re doing your research before your visit, here’s a breakdown of factors to consider:

Pros of Mole Removal

  1. Lift your confidence and self-esteem: In cases when you are unhappy with the appearance of your mole, permanently removing it can improve self-confidence. 
  2. Reduce cancer risk: Although moles are generally safe, they could potentially become cancerous over time. Early removal of moles is a proactive measure to mitigate this risk.
  3. Relief from discomfort: If the mole is itchy, sore, or irritating, removing it can significantly alleviate these symptoms. 

Cons of Mole Removal

  1. Risk of scarring: Dermatologists will use the most effective techniques to minimize scarring, but when it comes to removing a large or deep mole, it can be difficult to completely avoid scars.
  2. Cost: Mole removal procedures can be costly, and most insurance plans do not cover the cost, especially if the removal is for cosmetic purposes.
  3. Potential complication: After mole removal, there is a chance that the mole may recur. Moreover, the skin may bleed, get infected, or experience nerve damage.

Good or Bad Luck Mole?

Have you ever seen a person who’s always lucky, both in love and life at the same time? While moles can look alike, the location of each of them counts. In Chinese face reading beliefs, mole locations are thought out to carry both lucky and bad omens. It can tremendously affect a person’s life – whether it be relationship, career, or health. Let’s explore the location of some lucky and unlucky moles, and maybe, you can consider having some of them removed to attract better luck. 

Fortunate Mole Locations

  1. Hairline: A mole at this spot implies good luck. The deeper it is in the hairline, the better the fortune. 
  2. Inside the eyebrow or at the end of the eyebrow: People with a mole hidden inside or at the end of the eyebrow are mostly intelligent, determined, and hardworking. 
  3. In the ear or on the ear lobe: Moles on the ear signify a long life, a kind heart, and wealth. 
  4. Cheek: Those with cheek moles suggest successful career with good positions
  5. Upper and lower lips: Moles on this spot represent wealthiness. They have all the basic necessities as well as materials like house, food, and clothing. 

Unfortunate Mole Locations

  1. Forehead: A mole at the center of the forehead implies a problematic career full of unsupportive people.
  2. Between eyebrows: Those with a noncircular mole at this spot will often be bothered by despicable people. 
  3. On the eye whites: The eyes serve as the windows of the soul. So, people with a mole at this location can have trouble in their love life.
  4. On nose bridge, nose wing, nose tip: In traditional beliefs, the nose is the midpoint of our body where wealth is accumulated. A mole on the nose is believed to cause financial hardship.
  5. On the lips: Those with moles on the lips will often offend others with their inconsiderate words, receive little to no opportunity in life, and demonstrate selfishness.  

Anyhow, it’s very important to note that this information is solely based on traditional beliefs and that there is no support of any scientific evidence. However, this topic has undeniably been gaining a lot of attention lately, and we think that it’s worth sharing it with our curious readers. 

Whether you view your moles as a good luck symbol or a mark that you must get rid of, the decision is yours to make. No matter what you decide, if you’re contemplating removing that mole of yours, please always consult with a trusted mole removal skin clinic before you make your final decision. I guarantee that they will be able to provide you with safe and effective guidance to achieve your skin goals. 


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